Decision Neuroscience - From Neurons to Societies

Panel 1: Value-based decision making

Friday, 9:00am – 11:00pm 

Recent years have seen an increasing interest in the study of the neurobiological and computational basis of value-based decision making that has provided the foundation upon which the field of neuroeconomics is built. Key questions covered in this session include how the brain represents the value of different options and how this information is combined to yield optimal decisions.


Discussion Leader: 

  • Geoff Schoenbaum:
    Respective roles of the ventral striatum and orbitofrontal cortex in distinguishing shifts in value versus changes in identity 
  • Lesley Fellows:
    The role of human orbitofrontal cortex in flexible learning and value representation
  • Antonio Rangel:
    How does the brain compute and compare values at the time of decision making? 

Responsible Scientists for this panel: Soyoung Park, Marios Philiastides