Decision Neuroscience - From Neurons to Societies


Thematic Panels (2 hours: 3 talks, 25+5 minutes each, 30 minutes panel discussion)

Roles: Session Chair, three Speakers, one Discussion Leader, Responsible Scientists (for internal organization). Speakers, Session Chairs, and Discussion Leaders should reflect the spectrum of disciplines relevant for the particular topic.

Session Chair manages session, very briefly identifies topic, gives (short!) introduction of speakers and, most importantly, holds time limits.

Three Speakers (a mix of established senior researchers and junior scientists from different disciplines) address one topic. Each of them speaks for 25 minutes, with up to 5 minutes for clarification questions.

Discussion Leader leads the general discussion (30 minutes), e.g., by starting off with 2 or 3 questions. Note: This should not be another talk, the point is to lead the panel discussion and maintain the flow in the final open discussion.

Responsible Scientists interact with Session Chair and assist in conference preparation.

Poster Sessions
There will be space for up to 50 posters. These will be up throughout the whole conference and will be easily accessible so that coffee and lunch breaks can also be used for interactions at the posters.

Flash Talk Sessions
Each poster presenter will present themselves and their work in a 2 minute slide presentation to facilitate interaction between participants.

Flash Talk Session Chair
Manages session, holds time limits.